Download Page for
Essay Entitled
'Open Letter to His Excellency
the United States
Ambassador in Canada
Mr David Wilkins
and to the Public Generally,
the 2005 November 26
in Baghdad
of My Friend James Loney
and His Christian Peacemaker

(1) Click here for a carefully typeset PDF document, in essence a political pamphlet, comprising a title page and a copyright page and nine or so body-text pages, all in North American (8.5-inch-by-11-inch) paper format. The PDF document can be read with any PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat.

(2) Click here to see not the finished PDF document but the raw typesetting input file, in the LaTeX typesetting package. This input file, although initially daunting, is rather useful for people who are for some reason unable to view PDF files, since it is essentially just a plain-text file with typesetting machine codes that \look \like \this. Readers who need to inspect the content without involving themselves in the minutiae of typesetting can let their eyes skip past those codes.

The GNU Free Documentation License, a legal instrument facilitating the quoting and republication of my document, can be viewed by clicking here.