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Salaried and Contract Work

This résumé is designed to be largely silent about the numerous hours that I spend as an aspiring scientist-in-private-practice, as a private analyst of information and energy technologies, and as a freelance writer. The freelance writing is made available in the "Literary" section of this Web site.


Recent Significant Volunteer Work

Psychiatric History

It is prudent to supply a full psychiatric history on this résumé page because many people (corrrectly) perceive me to be eccentric. (One might, alternatively, say, in the demeaning language of business, that since I am damaged merchandise, commercial transparency requires me to supply the marketplace with a damage assessment.) My difficulties, which have persisted at a steady level as the years have gone by, put me into some mild danger of becoming a homeless "street person". My best guess, however, is that (to use briefly the language of pastoral theology) I shall be granted sufficient graces to rise above my difficulties.

It is possible that this psychiatric history will prove useful not only to prospective clients or employers but also to two classes of medical researchers: (i) investigators of sexual pathologlies such as the homosexual boot fetish, particularly in relation to Asperger's Syndrome and genetically driven dysthymic unipolar depression; (ii) investigators of side-effects from Prozac (fluoxetene hydrochloride), particularly as presented in electroencephalographic sleep studies. (I may indeed later succeed in drawing the attention of some relevant clinical research workers to this portion of my résumé. If additional clinical subjects like me can be located, some useful dissertation work could perhaps be undertaken by a graduate student or two, ultimately generating a couple of helpful articles in the peer-reviewed journals.)

Although a résumé is standardly presented in reverse chronological order, forward chronological ordering maximizes clarity in this particular psychiatric history.

For a more colourful and literary treatment of the themes touched on here in necessarily grey and clinical language, the reader is referrerd to the "Literary" section of my site for links to, or other pertinent information on, my pieces "Total Catholic Woof", "Leather Lent", and "Depression, the Body Politic, and Frankelian Freedom-to-Appraise".